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Semi Permanent Make Up – The Celebrity Secret

Semi Permanent make up it is the celebrity secret we are now all sharing in. For years celebrities have kept the luxury of waking up with make up to themselves. Thanks to some highly skilled permanent make up artists it is now available to everyone. Permanent make up, also sometimes referred to as, semi permanent 3d silk fur lashes or cosmetic tattooing is an advanced method of tattooing.

3d silk fur lashes
3d silk fur lashes

Acoix It involves tattooing or implanting coloured pigments into the top of the dermal layer of your skin. A normal tattoo involves tattooing pigments slightly deeper into the dermal layer which makes them a lot more permanent.

The most common semi permanent 3d silk fur lashes procedures are carried out for eyebrows, lips and eyes. There are several different methods of performing the treatment using different machines and techniques all offering various results. The procedures are not just for those of you who like looking your best 24/7 either.

Cosmetic tattooing can also be used for paramedical procedures such as scar camouflage and re-creating the nipple and areola after breast surgery. There has also been work carried out to improve the look of a cleft palette using permanent cosmetic techniques. And for anyone who has alopecia semi permanent 3d silk fur lashes is the perfect answer. Using creative techniques you can recreate eyebrows and redefine your eyes.

The skill and artistic ability of the technician combined with a state of the art machine and medical grade 3d silk fur lashes can give the most amazing results. They can be used to create a totally natural look which enhances your own natural beauty. Or if you like to wear make up most of the time you can have fantastic Latino eyeliner or two colour liner and shadow. But of course the real bonus of permanent cosmetics is that they don’t wash off. So with no extra effort, you will look amazing, whatever the time of day, wherever you are and whatever the occasion.

3d silk fur lashes
3d silk fur lashes

Louise is an experienced permanent 3d silk fur lashes artist who has her own clinic in the midlands. She knows first hand the advantages of having permanent make up. Her artistic background has helped her to push the boundaries and she now has several celebrity’s on her client base.

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