Dress The Family As Angels This Halloween

Trying to find a costume the entire family will wear, but not having any luck getting them to dress up as the Incredibles? Consider being a family of angels for Halloween. There’s enough variation in angel costumes that you can find one that will suit everyone in your Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes .

Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes
Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes

Acoix The most obvious choice is to be good angels in white clothing, but you don’t have to be. Below, we’ve outlined good and bad angel costumes for both sexes, so you can mix it up a little. This way, you’ll have a family theme, without all being confined to one Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes .

Good Angels:
Good angels dress in white, with white wings and halos. Good clothing choices are white dresses, long white nightgowns, or white t shirt and pants. Pair these items with white nylons or sock, and white shoes, sneakers or dress shoes are fine. If you’re wearing something that comes to the ankles and you’ll be inside, plain white socks are a comfortable choice. A second hand store is a good place to look for white clothing if you’re missing a piece.

Use white wings, either feathered or made of velvet, nylon, or another material, and attach them. Most wings have elastic loops that fit around each arm, keeping them in place on your back. Many angel wing kits come with halos, made of white feathers or sparkly silver tinsel. Women and girls look great in these, and men and boys don’t look bad, although many people will understand if they’re not up for the headband and halo look.

Men and boys can forgo makeup with a costume like this, and women and girls can too, although it’s fun to add a little. A little blush for rosy cheeks, and some pale pink lipstick look good. You could also add a finishing touch of false Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes if you want to be really special.

Fallen Angels:
Fallen angels often dress in black, with black wings, and sometimes no halo. Good clothing choices are black dresses, or a black blouse and skirt, black t shirts and pants, or button down shirts. A Man or boy dressing in nice black dress clothes is especially striking. Pair these items with nylons or socks in black, and black shoes. Like the good angels above, the second hand store is a great place for clothing that suits perfectly, without being too much.

There are a variety of black wings available, in feathers, velvet, and nylon. Some of them look just like the white wings, and others are ripped, torn, or droopy. It’s up to you to decide what style you like best. For a fallen, or bad angel, you can omit the halo, or wear it askew. No one expects bad angels to behave, so either way is appropriate.

Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes
Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes

Again, men and boys don’t really need makeup. Women and girls could go with red lipstick and some dark eyeliner, or even a set of dark false lashes. They make some with glitter and rhinestones for extra appeal.

Whether you’re a good angel or bad, angel wing costumes  has what you need. We specialize in only angel wings, including black angel wings, to make your costume to  Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes  very best it can be.


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