Want Longer Thicker best 100% mink eyelashes ?

Longer, thicker eyelashes are the dream of most women who feel that they need some extra weapon in their arsenal of items needed to snare their man. What man can say that he does not feel his heart skip a beat when a sexy woman, sexiness suitably enhanced by a set of beautiful eyes surrounded by long thick eyelashes, flutters her best 100% mink eyelashes at him provocatively and seductively? Gone is the resistance to temptation that he thought he had. Lost he is, willpower melted away as if it were butter being cut through by a hot knife.

best 100% mink eyelashes
best 100% mink eyelashes

Acoix Yet some women will feel that they have been unfairly treated by the creator, born as they are with poorly developed eyelashes, short lashes or sparse lashes. Worse still, some women have been born with no best 100% mink eyelashes at all. Of course, there are also those unfortunate few who lost their lashes due to disease or accident.

What can one do about these souls who are trichologically-challenged, to put it in a more politically correct way?

Fortunately all is not lost. There are many ways to help the unfortunate who have not enough best 100% mink eyelashes , or do not have enough good-quality eyelashes.

1. Wear false eyelashes. There are very many false eyelashes of various shapes, sizes and styles. They can be very attractive and one can wear them as fashion accessories, to change styles when needed. Learn to wear them and ensure that they stay where they are placed, and do not allow them to fall into your drink, or worse still, to have one disappear and have the other hanging on unnoticed.

2. Use eyelash extensions. Useful only for those who actually have some eyelashes. This is because the extensions have to be bonded to the existing natural shorter lashes.

3. Get some transplants. The field of hair transplants is ever improving, with the original aim of transplanting hair onto a bald pate being expanded to transplanting hairs onto the chest, chin, eyebrows, and best 100% mink eyelashes . The source of these eyelashes is usually nostril hairs.

best 100% mink eyelashes
best 100% mink eyelashes

4. Grow them. It is claimed that regular applications of virgin olive oil or castor oil work wonders. However this has not been proven scientifically. The advantage of this technique is that it is cheap. The other, scientifically proven way is by using a new preparation of something called bimatoprost ophthalmic solution which goes by the brand name Latisse. This is a newly introduced preparation which is projected to whip up a furore, as it allows you to grow your own best 100% mink eyelashes within 2 months.


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