How to Get a Girl in Bed Using Seduction Routines – Three Strategies

Techniques on how to get a girl in bed can be developed, and seduction routines are some of the most useful ones around. In this article, I intend to discuss as much about seduction routines as I can custom box mink lashes.

First of all, let’s define what routines are. Routines are either scripts or themes that you execute whenever you’re with a woman. These routines are created and practiced for a specific purpose, which is usually to prompt a woman to action custom box mink lashes.

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Acoix   A routine is something that can be executed in its original form every time you need it to make a girl fall for you. You know it works when you can get the same reaction from using it. Routines are a great way to create conversation, as well as to get sexual responses from women.

Here are some examples of routines:

– Ask her to make a wish as you remove a glitter or a fallen eyelash off her cheek.
– Proposing a toast to celebrate the exact moment you found your soul mate (her).
– Sharing a celebratory high five and a hug with a girl you don’t know in a crowded bar while watching a football game custom box mink lashes.

If a routine is boring, it is not effective in getting a girl’s attention. If it works, you’re well on your way to getting laid. Whether or not a seduction routine is lame, it can improve your chances of getting a girl in bed on the same night. But remember that if a routine fails, it may not be the routine but your delivery that’s wrong.

3 Strategies for Using Seduction Routines to Get a Girl in Bed

1. Use an Old Routine That Has Worked in the Past

There are routines that have always been effective, and men use it in different scenarios. Some routines have been around forever, and they still work depending on how you use them. A routine can be used more than once as long as you can pull it off every time you use it. Remember, each girl reacts differently, and some girls who respond immediately to your routine may be more playful than the other girls you’ve tried the routine on in the past.

Many naturals use routines, and they tell variations of the same stories to different girls to get the same reaction. Many people, when socializing, make use of routines because these are effective strategies to lure a girl in, get her laughing and get her attracted custom box mink lashes.

2. Create Conversation in Between Routines

But I don’t recommend using a series of routines, and being dependent on them during a conversation. There is such a thing as an overly contrived interaction with a woman. Socializing strictly in routines can make dating difficult, especially if you don’t have a follow up just in case one routine fails to get the reaction you want.

Routines are important in the process of seduction because they give you things to talk about. You can use routines while you’re talking about travelling, or when you’re asking her to check out the new magic cape you have in your pad. A lot of guys have problems coming up with things to say, but once you learn a routine, you can get at least 30, 60 or 90 seconds of seduction material to keep the conversation going.

3. Use Routines to Push Her Buttons

Some routines are good only for one thing, and that’s to get the girl to act in response to a statement. If you ever need to push a conversation to a specific direction, you can use a routine to do it for you. One routine is to slosh your drink so that some of the drops land on her arm. You can joke about getting her wet, and pump in as much innuendo into your statement as you can.

If a routine flunks, you might need to tweak it a little. Some of the common reactions are: she asks you a question, she laughs, she giggles, and she touches you. The reaction is of secondary importance compared to the fact that she reacted at all. If you want to learn the right way to get a girl into bed, you have to learn how routines can help you push things forward custom box mink lashes .

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Way points or openings are extremely crucial in seduction, and routines can help create them for you. A way point is an opportunity for you to close the interaction in a way that is favorable to you. You may want to ask her out, get her number, get her to leave the place with you, or simply invite her to another location for a night cap. Openings can also come up during your routine.

If you can open all the way points in the 4 step seduction process using routines you will be 90% more successful at seducing women.

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