A Detailed Look At Eyelid Surgery

You’ve heard people say that you can tell a lot about a person by their “eyes” right? All of the secrets someone has are told through the eyes. The story of their life and how they have lived, all represented plain as day by taking a peek into someone’s eyes. You can tell how old they are, how hard their life has been, how stressful their job is, etc… all by the appearance of those 2 little storytellers on each side of the 3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup … right?

3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup
3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup

Acoix Well not if they’ve had eyelid surgery. Anyone can change “the story of their life” by restoring a youthful appearance and achieving a well rested look. You don’t have to let everyone know how old you are by the bags under your eyes.

People tend to think of eyelid surgery as a procedure done to correct functional problems with the eye or eyelids, but now the cosmetic benefits of having eyelid surgery are amazing. You can roll back the clock of your life with a very minimal recovery and cost. I’ll talk about what’s involved for you, what your options are and you be the judge.

Eyelid surgery is a broad term used to describe having work done to either your upper or lower eyelid(s). It depends on what you are wanting to do and the goal of the surgery.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

This is primarily to remove those ‘bags’ or excess skin from underneath your eyes to give you a tighter and smoother lower eyelid appearance. The way this particular procedure is done an small incision is made (and typically hidden just below your lower eyelashes) and the excess fat, skin, etc… is removed. This eliminates those bags, puffiness and/or any other 3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

This is primarily to remove excess tissue from the upper eyelids and can give you a more energetic appearance. Similar to the lower eyelid procedure a small incision is made within the natural crease lines of your eyelid to hide it.


Cosmetic eyelid surgery does not require an overnight stay at the surgical facility and you’re in and out within a few hours.

Most people resume normal activities after three to five days post surgery. You will have some mild bruising and a bit of swelling that can last up to two weeks or longer but it’s generally gone sooner than that.

3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup
3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup

Results You Can Expect

Cosmetic eyelid surgery will fool all of those people trying to guess your age. You’ll be hiding your life story from those who try to get this information out of your eyes.

You’ll look younger, more rested and alert. It’s hard to give you an estimate on just how much younger you’ll look as that greatly depends on the surgeon you choose, their skill level and ability to make your results appear natural.

On average most who undergo this procedure report looking at least 10 years younger. Who wouldn’t want the gift of looking 10 years younger?

When you consider your eyelid surgery options you want to choose a specialist. Someone who devotes their time and energy specifically to this one particular procedure, upper and lower eyelid surgery. An oculoplastic surgeon is a surgeon who has undergone one to two years of additional fellowship training following their ophthalmology 3d mink pro eyelashes for makeup .


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