Disco Costume: Boogie All Night

Halloween is the perfect chance to re-live the loud and awesome colors of the 60’s and the 70’s. So dust off those bell-bottomed pants and bring out the sparkling lamè for a Halloween disco costume like no other. These are few of the favorites available for you to choose from own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes .

own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes
own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes

60’s Go-Go Girl

Acoix This is one of those easy ensembles. Wear a mini dress in bright neon colors and a pair it with white leather boots. Iron your hair out for the long straight hair reminiscent of that era. Use detachable own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes and thick eyeliner along with pastel colored lipstick to evoke the popular trends in the 60’s.

Disco Dance Fever in the 70’s

This is all about flash and color. Use flared pants, a glittery top and patent leather platform heels. If you have a tie-dyed or gold jumpsuit then that’s an even better representation of the disco era. Go all-out on your make-up and focus on your eyes, accessorize with fake glittery lashes for a more dramatic look.

Flower Child Hippie

This is the easiest costume of all. Don a tasseled vest, a tie dyed shirt and a pair of colored wire-rimmed glasses and you’re ready to represent the era of love. For the hippie chic, use a long flowing dress then add a braided headband, strapped sandals and a single bloom of daisy at the back of one ear.

Dream Girls Movie Sensation

Get inspiration from Beyoncè in the Dream Girls movie. A strapless gown with a mermaid style skirt and elbow-length gloves is a sophisticated and fun costume. Put your hair up and style them in elegant curls and twists. You can even carry around an old-school microphone as an added accessory.

Britain and Sergeant Pepper

The Liverpool fashion sense exploded during the 60’s. This can be easily pulled off by using a military style jacket with epaulettes and rope buttons. Pair this with a miniskirt of the same color and you have the perfect 60’s Liverpool own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes .

Big hair was the trademark of the disco era. You can purchase wigs or tease you hair to the high heavens to achieve this look. If you don’t have the time to assemble a costume on your own there are online shops that offer these outfits for a reasonable price. You can save money by rummaging around in your parents closets for disco era clothes and then supplementing them with jewelry, wigs and make-up bought online.

When looking at disco costumes online make sure to take note of the materials and fabrics used on the costume. Sometimes the clothes look better on the photographed model than in real life. It might look substantial in the photo but once it gets shipped to you the cloth is actually thin and see-through. Look for thick cotton or polymer fabrics.

own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes
own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes

It’s also reasonable to view the comments and reviews of the customers online. In this manner you get a fair and unbiased account of the features of the costume. Many shops offer discounted prices and free shipping. Look out for those deals so you can save money on your favorite disco costume.

There’s nothing more memorable from the 70’s than the disco rage. You’ll enjoy your Halloween like never before when you’re wearing a cool disco costume . For these and many other cool retro costumes visit my favorite costume website at  own brand eyelashes 3D mink flutter lashes

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