How to Draw a Rock Star

Sketching the figure of a rock star can as much be a matter of use (posters, banners, cards, advertisements, designs, etc.), as that of aesthetics. Before embarking upon the actual work, you need to do some background preparations. There can be following two broad quality mink fur eyelash in this regard:

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Taking Reference
Acoix   If your option is to draw one of your favorite professional performers, you will be producing a portrait. The starting point would be to obtain a suitable reference picture of the artist. Your entire work shall be based upon that image. The steps will include:
• Measuring Proportions. The relative proportion of each component in the original picture vis-à-vis the others should be maintained in your quality mink fur eyelash .
• Drawing Outlines. Begin by drawing the outermost contours to capture the basic shape of the base image and move inwards to add other details.
• Individual Features. Each individual feature in the picture should be captured in the similar manner. For instance, while drawing eyes, start with an oval resembling the eye socket and then proceed to draw eyelids, lashes, iris etc.
• Shading. This last step gives the final shape to the work, where the effect of light and various angles of view are highlighted.

Using Imagination
Sketching an animated drawing without a reference image poses the challenge as it totally depends upon the imagination of the artists. The first step should be the choice of gender as the attire and posture will vary in the two cases. Although, there can be no one best way to execute such work, the following popular methodology is definitely a superior one:
• Outlining. Being with light-handed basic geometrical shapes to create a skeletal structure. Use circle, oval, or its variants to represent the head. A rock star is usually portrayed in a full-length standing position with parted legs. Therefore, to form the central frame of the standing position and bent of the figure use a straight or curvilinear line with ‘V-shape’ parting at the lower end.
• Accessories. Your rock star may be holding a microphone, a guitar, or some other musical instrument. In other cases, you may like to depict him/her performing a dance step. Position the hands and legs accordingly. Take care to provide the right incline to the head.
• Body. Add body to the skeleton using curvatures, like ears, face structure (side or frontal view), shoulders, waist, thickness of the limbs, hands, shoes etc.

• Details. You do not need to add the intricate and expressive details in an animated drawing as in the case of a portrait. For instance, thick outlines indicating the line of sight, closed, open, or semi-open eyes reasonably serve the purpose. You do not require meticulous work on the iris, individual quality mink fur eyelash , and so on. Hairdo, dresses, and styling are of paramount importance in the rock culture. Therefore, do your research to arrive at the right combinations.
• Shading. Like all other types of drawings, shading provides the essential final shaping. Use a quality mink fur eyelash for blending the pencil strokes and creating a shading effect. Unless, you plan to add colors, this step completes your picture.

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