Mineral Powder Bronzer – A Truly Natural Tanned Look

When it gets warm outside, everyone wants to be in the sun. Before you go to the beach or on vacation you want to already look kissed by the big yellow ball. Put away your money for the tanning bed and opt instead for a tanned look without damaging your silk lashes mink wholesale.

silk lashes mink wholesale
silk lashes mink wholesale

Acoix One way that you can accomplish this is with mineral powder bronzer. Bronzer does just what the name implies: adds a bit of color to your face simulating a day out in the sun. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose a bronzer color that will complement it.

Because you are using natural mineral silk lashes mink wholesale, the powder is lightweight and melts into your skin as your body warms up. Your bronzer coverage looks natural and enhances your best features while hiding wrinkles and any discolorations on your face. All anyone will notice is the fresh out of the sun look when you haven’t been anywhere at all. Some bronzers contain shimmering minerals. They give your skin a sparkling look that is perfect for after hours and formal gatherings. A tanning bed won’t give your skin that healthy glow that shimmering bronzers can provide.

How do you apply a bronzer? Moisturize your face like you normally would. Be sure that your skin is completely dry before applying any type of mineral silk lashes mink wholesale.

Apply your mineral foundation first. It prepares your face for whatever you put on next. Bronzer is supposed to simulate a tan without the harmful rays. Start by applying the bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. If you don’t know where that is, smile. It’s the area of your cheeks that grandmothers love to grab and pinch.

Continue on to other areas of your face. Brush mineral bronzer on your forehead and also down your silk lashes mink wholesale. The bronzer color will be darker than your foundation but shouldn’t make you look unnaturally dark. Choose a color that closely resembles how your face would look if it were tanned.

Bronzer is not just for the face. The warm evening may be the perfect occasion to wear a strapless number to a party. Use some of that mineral bronzer to bring a sun kissed glow to your exposed shoulders and neck. Lightly brush the tops of your shoulders and your neck with the same color you use on your face. No one will know that you didn’t spend the day in the sun.

Don’t forget those gorgeous legs. Mineral silk lashes mink wholesale can be applied to your lower half as well. You will need a bit more powder than you used on your face, but a Kabuki brush will provide even coverage so no one else will be the wiser to your trick. Mineral bronzer can be used to simulate pantyhose for a more formal function where you don’t quite feel like putting them on. And, because you are using natural minerals, you don’t have to worry about streaking because the minerals will blend into the skin.

silk lashes mink wholesale
silk lashes mink wholesale

Spare your silk lashes mink wholesale the harsh effects of tanning. You can get the look you want with mineral bronzer instead.

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